About us

GOLDSTREAM furnace construction Holland find its origin in the banquet industry. Bakery Ravensbergen emerged in 1928 in Rijnsburg Holland, after which it rapidly developed into a banquet factory moved in 1968 to Sassenheim. They made products as filled wafers/rondo's/korst/makronen etc. all produced on several steelbandfurnaces. In 1975, the senior of the three brothers, Paul Ravensbergen, decided to hand over his shares to his brothers and started a company specialised in developing and refurbishing bakery machines and furnace construction for the industrial banquet industry.  Gradually he focused more and more on furnace construction, a logical step because Paul Ravensbergen always built and improved the furnaces  in the bakery. In 1983, Paul Ravensbergen again shifted his boundaries and immigrated to Vancouver Canada where he continued his business. In the Netherlands  his son Jan Ravensbergen, who allready worked in the company, continued the business. In 1984, a partnership was started with van der Wal furnace construction from Dordrecht.
Besides the many used and refurbished belt furnaces, there was a demand for new band furnaces equipped with important technical details that the furnace builders at that time dropped, because of cost savings. The first new steel belt furnace was taken into use in 1984 at Vast Banket Groningen. For the product name of the new band furnaces GOLDSTREAM was chosen. They now have eight of these furnaces in use.
The brand name Goldstream was coined by Paul Ravensbergen in Canada, the name referred to a brandname- Coldstream- used for refrigerators and freezers in Canada/U.S.A. Today, all over the world many Goldstream tunnel furnaces are in use.
The Goldstream furnaces distinguish themselves by a combination of old-fashioned robustness with modern control techniques together with a sleek and hygienic design with no restrictions on the number of burners and other important furnaces.
Goldstream Furnace Construction Holland has become a well-known player in the bakery world and can show a nice reference list.